Investigation of the polar dinosaur essay

California State Dinosaur Jane G.

Investigation of the polar dinosaur essay

Investigation of the polar dinosaur essay

Nor is it any in the range of, yes, Antarctic dinosaurs discovered and uncovered by Field Museum scientists and their polar teammates. Those come later, like the big reveal in a home makeover show.

Instead, the first artifact on view in this well-imagined and surprisingly wide-ranging new temporary exhibition is a wooden sled.

Investigation of the polar dinosaur essay

And it is, it turns out, one of the most ill-fated snow haulers this side of Rosebud. The sled, an elongated and, indeed, skeletal construction of darkened timber and leather strapping, accompanied Captain Robert Falcon Scott on the Terra Nova expedition, his second attempt to be first to reach the South Pole.

Scott and his four men made it to that magical spot in Januarybut the British adventurer learned he was 34 days behind the Norwegian Roald Amundsen. And then, on the way back, the Scott team, frostbitten and low on supplies, perished when a blizzard blew in and stranded them - "just 11 miles from the nearest supply depot," the exhibition sign says.

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Scott's saga and the entire story of Antarctic exploration are haunting testaments to the human urge to plunge into the unknown. But what, you may wonder, do benumbed digits and an antique sled at the bottom of the earth have to do with dinosaurs?

Move just a few steps farther into this large exhibit, opening Friday, and slated to run through Jan. Among the items found with the bodies of Scott's team was the bulk of a trove of fossils the expedition had discovered, including ancient wood from the Jurassic-era Glossopteris tree, plant remains from the Triassic period, and carbonized sandstone from the same era.

When every ounce was a factor in their potential survival, the Terra Nova group still hung on to these weighty artifacts from terra antiquus. The fossils came from a London museum, the sled from Christchurch, New Zealand, the stepping-off point for much of Antarctic exploration even to this day.

It was from Christchurch that Makovicky set forth on a different kind of expedition in late His goal was get to a place, too, but it was a mountainside dinosaur "quarry" where evidence of Antarctic dinosaurs had been found by a search.

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More bones of Cryolophosaurus, a foot-long apex predator from the earliest days of dinosaurs almost million years ago. Along with the makeover of its central Stanley Field Hall, "Antarctic Dinosaurs" is a centerpiece of the museum's th anniversary efforts and is being billed as part of the Griffin Dinosaur Experience, in honor of a major donation by Chicago philanthropist Kenneth C.

It is rooted in the story of the expedition. But it demonstrates a polymath's curiosity about the trip. We don't just learn what the scientists discovered and how, but the historical backdrop of their search, both recent and prehistoric; the fascinating logistics of living and working in a subzero climate; the current range of science taking place on Antarctica; and the icy continent's future prospects in a world growing warmer.

Along the way to displaying the stars of the show, two full-size Cryolophosaurus models - one in skeleton form and one imagined as a feathery, fleshed-out creature, both menacing despite the forehead crest that got the animal temporarily dubbed "Elvisaurus" - the exhibit explains the ins and outs of Antarctic travel.

Basically, it's better to be in than out. There's a section with video of Makovicky sticking his head out of an igloo he's built, part of the "Snow School" that the U. We see the rudimentary gear the explorers of Scott's era wore - think waxed cotton, wool and leather and then think frostbite - next to the high-tech stuff sported by the moderns.Asteroids and dinosaurs: Unexpected twists and an unfinished story Plate tectonics might seem like a routine topic from a 7th grade textbook, but in the s, plate tectonics The beryllium investigation turned out to be a dead end, but Luis Alvarez soon came up with a replacement.

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DINOSAURS – PICTURES AND FACTS. Listing + pictures of dinosaurs, facts about them and other prehistoric animals, bringing them closer to kids, their parents and teachers. Nor is it any in the range of, yes, Antarctic dinosaurs discovered and uncovered by Field Museum scientists and their polar teammates.

Those come later, like the big reveal in a home makeover show. Ocean Engineering provides a medium for the publication of original research and development work in the field of ocean engineering. Ocean Engineering seeks papers in the following topics.

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