Legal prep course

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Legal prep course

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I also understand that the Westlaw access is solely for use in completing my Center for Legal Studies course and that I will not release my password information to anyone. Cancel Don't forget to add required books and resources to your cart before you checkout!A prep course will give you additional insight into core law school subjects, which can be particularly beneficial for those who may not have the legal training that peers coming from paralegal or.

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Check out 7Sage's affordable and comprehensive online LSAT prep courses, created & taught by Harvard Law School grads. / avg rating on + reviews! Prepare for the New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson licensing exam. Take on line tets, notes on essential topics, flash cards and more.

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academics There are academic, enrichment, community service, and discipline requirements that all students must complete in order to graduate from Legal Prep.

At Legal Prep, each year-long course is equal to one unit and each semester course is worth one half unit.

Our legal writing tutors will help you excel at legal writing even before law school begins! They are practicing attorneys who have been on law review, moot court, and have plenty of experience with legal writing.

Legal prep course

If you sign up for our legal writing prep course, you will .

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