Mun how to write a policy statement

In preparation of an MUN conference, you should write a policy statement. There are two important reasons for drawing up this document: Thus, policy statements may provide an excellent tool in the lobbying process; they may also serve as the basis for your opening speech in your committee.

Mun how to write a policy statement

Share In some conferences, you may be asked to make a Policy Statement.

mun how to write a policy statement

This could be in the form of a document or could be a small speech. This should be about a minute in length and gives you the opportunity to tell those in the committee what you and your country plan to do at the conference and the outcomes you would like to see.

Policy Statements have many useful purposes: They also give a chance for other delegates to decide whether or not your aims line up with theirs. They can use this information later if they plan to work with you. Writing a policy statement generally allows the delegate the opportunity to think out their policy more thoroughly.

Statements can serve as an outline for the preliminary draft resolution. Conferences also use Policy Statements as a way to "break the ice" and ask each Delegate to speak. Occasionally, one member of each Delegation the Ambassador will be asked to make a Policy Statement in the General Assembly.

Writing a Policy Statement Edit In order to formulate a policy statement, both in writing and in speaking, students must prepare by doing thorough research.

It is important for all delegates to be informed about their country, to have specific knowledge of the issues on the agenda, and to be aware of the opinions of the experts. These are the different components which could be in a policy statement: An explanation and definition of the question and its key terms exactly as they appear on the committee agenda.

A summary of recent international events related to action on the question. Some reference to key documents relating to the issue these should be underlined. Specific suggestions for a solution to the question to serve as the first draft for the operative clauses of a resolution.

Delegates should share their policy statements only with those directly concerned in the lobbying and negotiation process.

These policy statements are not meant for general distribution. Security Council Question of: In many cases, however, Iraq has actually fulfilled many of the requests and this fact must be acknowledged, too.

All facilities and components of the manufacturing of chemical weapons have been eliminated. Numerous IAEA inspection teams have confirmed the absence of activity relating to nuclear weapons.

Nonetheless, Russia is willing to acknowledge that there may have been some drawbacks in this cooperation. Such isolated instances, however, in no way justify the adoption of additional sanctions.

Sample Policy Statement:

This was provided for in Resolution The situation continues to deserve serious attention. We cannot, however, continue to punish Iraq for the reason that they are not complying with respective resolution when, in fact, they are doing so at this moment.

We must note the progress UNSCOM has made in the Iraqi program of products of mass destruction and draw our consequences from this, which should not be additional sanctions. According to the reports by the IAEA, there has been significant progress in the nuclear sphere so that we can now view this part of the UN mission as accomplished.

The Russian Federation fails to comprehend why these valuable reports made by the IAEA are so often brushed aside by many of our fellow delegates. We also do not understand the problems that to our knowledge are being created about the composition of the investigative groups that draw up these reports.Policy Statement What is a Policy Statement?

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Similar to a position paper in the UNAUSA procedure, a policy statement is a document that explains the policies . A policy statement is an organization-level document that prescribes acceptable methods or behaviors.

Essentially, a policy is simply the way things are done within an organization. When writing a policy statement, explain the reason for the policy and its connections to what the organization values.

A policy statement comes before the policy's main text .

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The purpose of this University Policy is to clarify rulemaking procedures from the Office of the President, and the procedure for the development, review and approval of policies initiated at other levels or by other bodies in the University.

II/ What Does A Policy Statement Consist of? In order to produce a useful policy statement, you ought to carry out thorough research. You should also bear in mind that a policy statement consists of five parts in which you: 1.

Explain and define the issue and its most important terms; 2. Debate MUN an of preparation In conference the at with dealt issues the to respect with country/organization your of policies the explains clearly and briefly that document a is This statement, policy a write should you.

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