Orchid research papers

As of springthe former combined Research and Conservation Committee has been split into two discrete committees. The guidelines here apply for the Research Committee only.

Orchid research papers

Contact Us Respected Orchid Fraternity, The National Research for Orchids, Sikkim invites call for papers for its open access journal onlineIndian Journal of Applied Orchid Research under its professional society for the first issue, Orchidaceae family is the most diverse, advanced and evolved flowering plants; and widely adapted to different ecosystems and habitats on earth.

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They are the one of oldest plants originated million years ago, spread across all continents of the world except Antarctica. If highest orchid diversity is found in Eastern Himalayan regions Asiathen the species density recorded high in Ecuador South America.


Many audacious expeditions accompanied orchid hunting for commercial gains in Europe during the Victorian era resulted orchidelirium.

But, the zeal and passion also laid the foundation to voluminous descriptions on plant botany and bio-geography across globe for the development of science.

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All they have the sustaining beauty for eons and curative entheogens to mankind, symbolic to peace and prosperity on planet as a proof of evidence to the odyssey of evolution. After the intervention of The Convention in International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Florathe abject scenario of over collection of orchids from wilds was changed with presidential bans and enactment of suitable legislatures in several counties as protective measures.

Orchid specialists have also realized the importance of applied research on orchids to grow it as multi-diverse crop plants to the address issues related in cultivation, especially after the formation of Species Survival Commission and subsequent developments with Orchid Specialist Group.

The journal accepts the reviews, full length research articles, short communications, new variety notifications and book reviews etc. It is the platform to strengthen the demands and enrichment of Orchid researchers, scholars, policy makers, stakeholders, farmers, amateur growers, hobbyists, bona fide traders and entrepreneurs etc.INTRODUCTORY.

Systematics is a profoundly historical discipline, and we forget this at our peril.

Orchid research papers

Only with a phylogeny can we begin to understand diversification, regularities in patterns of evolution, or simply suggest individual evolutionary changes within a clade. Sep 01,  · Research Resources. A Subject Tracer™ Information Blog developed and created by Internet expert, author, keynote .

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Orchid Research

Journal of Ecology papers downloaded most in Wiley Online Library from January to December are listed below. An integrated analysis of the effects of past land use on forest herb colonization at the landscape scale. Our AI analyzes research papers and pulls out authors, references, figures, and topics.

Will increased fruit and seed production in a severely pollination-limited orchid stimulate population growth? We tested whether safe sites for germination and seedling establishment are limiting for.

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