Outline the concept of holistic development

Unfortunately, this is not always easy, and in some instances Adventist educators say they find it very difficult to know how to integrate their faith into the teaching of their specific discipline. It seems that faith has been used as a cosmetic, patchwork, or frosting, sandwiched in the teaching-learning process. It is not enough to have prayer meetings, opening class with prayer, participation in evangelistic teams, a Bible class, distribution of tracts, a few committed teachers, and choice snippets on the bulletin boards. Because of this incomplete and superficial application of faith in education, "the school is deficient in 'moral power'" Akers,p.

Outline the concept of holistic development

The stages of development in each of these areas is well understood such that we can assess where a particular child is compared to the general norm, for say Western Europe.


Physical Development - Children develop physically from the top down — so first gaining awareness and increasing control of the head, then arms down to legs and feet.

Gross Motor Skills — the movement and control of large muscle groups for walking, running, jumping and climbing and Fine Motor Skills — involving fine and precise movement of the hands and fingers for drawing, writing, using a knife or tying knots.

The physical nature also includes sensory development, the information received into the brain from the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, proprioception the sense of awareness of where the mobile parts of the body, such as arms and legs, are in relation to the rest of the body and balance.

Updated Eligibility Criteria for the CCM Certification is in effect:

Intellectual Development — is the development of the part of the brain used for recognising, understanding and reasoning cognitive and making sense of what is seen, touched, heard etc. Language development is to do with the skills of communication — how children understand receptive speech and how children express themselves expressive speech.

Emotional and Social Development — is to do with how children feel about themselves and others and develops a growing understanding about how and why they feel a particular way and how to interact usefully with others.

Outline the concept of holistic development

Moral and Spiritual Development — is the understanding and cherishing of values and ethics such as honesty, integrity and fair play, and the consequences they bring, leading to developments of responsibility and empathy.

Allowing the true authentic self to flourish and its connection to all that is around us. By way of examples, the table shown below details some of the Forest School activities that benefit the development of the whole child.Published: Thu, 18 May Philosophy has played a major role in the development of nursing throughout history.

Philosophy shapes who we are as nurses, what we believe and how we practice. A holistic approach to child development attempts to address all aspects of a child’s development and growth simultaneously.

This leads to a better understanding of why a child behaves in a particular way. 2 Ioanna Papathanasiou et al.: Holistic nursing care: theories and perspectives cal and mental views and needs. Each individual consists of body, mind and soul as a unified total and is not just the sum.

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Integral human development (IHD) is a concept derived from Catholic social teaching.

Outline the concept of holistic development

It entails holistic development of each human person, not in isolation but in solidarity with other people to foster justice and peace. Thus IHD entails holism, solidarity, and peace with justice: Holistic: Integral.

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