Overcoming obstacles in my education

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Overcoming obstacles in my education

Setting the Learning Stage: Overcoming Learning Barriers The last part of setting the learning stage is to identify and overcome barriers to learning. At one time or another, we all prevent ourselves from learning. These barriers often come in two forms: Defending against learning because of sources Personality issues, trivial as they may seem, are frequent targets of learning defences.

We tune out because the person speaking, writing, teaching or informing is too arrogant, too wimpy, too timid, too quirky, or too whatever it is we don't like.

Stereotyping is also a common defence against learning. We dismiss a message because of stereotyping about the source of the message.

There are a host of stereotypes we can use: Status can be used as a learning defence, too. We'll choose to not learn from a rookie on the worksite, someone who is "lower" than us on the organizational chart or a younger person.

We dismiss these people because of assumptions about their experience, expertise or wisdom. Defending against learning because of content Sometimes, it is the content of the message that causes us to put up Overcoming obstacles in my education to our own learning.

Probably the most common content issue is belief conflict.

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We are more likely to defend against learning when the message we're hearing goes against our own beliefs even though these messages often best get our attention. Extra effort messages, ones that may cause more work for us are defended against, too. We'll think we're doing a good job, performing well, and somebody comes along to tell us there's a different, better way of doing things.

Overcoming obstacles in my education

If the suggestion causes more work, some of us will dismiss the message, finding ways to rationalize old ways of doing things. Messages that cause embarrassment also raise barriers.

When someone points out that we're doing something inappropriately, inadequately, inefficiently or incorrectly, our pride may prevent us from responding to the message. Defending against learning because of message delivery The way a message is delivered can be central to our defending activities.

A delivery method that once left us with a bad taste in our mouth can stop us from learning with that method in the future. For example, a person who had terrible school experiences may likely defend against any classroom instruction in the future.

We also develop beliefs about learning in general and about our own learning specifically, particularly since the advent of research on learning styles. Delivery beliefs can restrict new learning. The point is not to identify them all, but for you to begin to get a sense of how you may actively prevent your own learning.

Once you have identified these self-created barriers, it is relatively easy to take them down or get around them. Taking them down means just that: Not letting these defences arise the next occasion in which they might occur. Of course, a certain amount of motivation is required to want to remove your defences, and that is where it is important to look at learning obstacles.

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Learning Obstacles1 Learning obstacles are all those things that directly get in the way of meeting specific learning goals. Sometimes these are external barriers over which you have little direct control; sometimes they are beliefs you have that really slow you down.

Regardless of their origin, learning obstacles act to weaken your motivation, thereby reducing your energy for learning. Unlike learning defences, which are general barriers you may carry to every learning goal, learning obstacles are best dealt with when seen as goal-specific.

Each learning goal you have may be accompanied by different learning obstacles. It is important, then, to review possible learning obstacles every time you set a learning goal.

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Each learning obstacle is described below. You will notice that none are particularly surprising or complex; you have likely dealt with them all before.

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Obstacles of My Education Essay Sample Throughout a person’s life, they are faced with different obstacles, and different challenges of all different types. My life in particular has been full of up and downs related especially to continue my education. Overcoming Obstacles life skills curriculum provides educators the tools to teach young people the skills necessary for success.

With over easy to teach activity-based lessons covering more than 20 critical topics, students learn how to communicate effectively. Walt Disney faced some big obstacles, but overcame them thanks to ceaseless hard work and unwavering belief in his dreams.

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