The beautiful simplicity of grandmas farm

Pin1 3 Shares Pie crust can make or break a pie. My mother made the best pies and I believe a large part of the reason for that is her pie crust.

The beautiful simplicity of grandmas farm

Spring has officially sprung here at TLC, and I. The pillar candle holders hanging on each side of the mirror we made came from PotteryBarn.

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Love it when that happens! I made the bird art out of a piece of green paper I found on the scrapbook paper aisle at Hobby Lobby… I darkened the area behind the bird in the photos above so you could see the mat better. The photo below is a true representation of what it actually looks like.

Seems like it was only a couple bucks. It makes us smile, so up it went!

The beautiful simplicity of grandmas farm

Tip Du Jour 2: If it makes you smile, up it goes! My Aunt Julie shot this amazing photo of the barn on the farm my Grandma Beth grew up on in Minnesota… She and my Grandma live in the farmhouse on that property now and I think of them and the farm I grew up on every time I see it.

It may very well be my favorite non-living thing in the house right now. And that about does it for the mantel! I really enjoyed decking out the fireplace area for Spring. My Mom and Dad put that fence up with their own hardworking hands, and my brother and I raised many a kitten in that old barn standing there behind me.

Those days almost seem like a dream now….The diet maintains its simplicity without mind numbing. If you are looking for correct cookie recipe, there may be many to pick from. The main factor is which don't use butter, milk, eggs or sugar. Babushkas, literally translated to “grandmas,” are, in my mind, a vastly misunderstood part of the population in Russia.

Babushkas are often seen as bitter, mean, old women (stereotypically adorning scarves over their heads) who spend their time yelling at youngsters and complaining about the aspects of .

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Hello! Welcome to the Mountain Farmhouse! If you delight in your home and garden, and yearn for ways to live more simply and sustainably, you’ve come to the right place.

Join us as we embark on our ever-changing journey in beautiful Upstate New York. More About Me. Today, Lidia serves a beautiful Striped Bass with Tomato Pesto over a bed of fennel as the star of the meal. She then creates a tasty dish of Mint String Beans.

For dessert, summer is still the theme with Peach Granita, although the granita technique can be made with all kinds of seasonal fruits. This is so very beautiful just gives me a warm fuzzy. mist be from all the memories growing up and going to Grandmas on the farm!

Born & raised a city girl, in my heart, always wanted horses on a farm.

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See more Beautiful old farm, barn, country living, country life Simplicity is Happiness See more. Jun 26,  · The beautiful bedspread from grandma and the Snow White from grandpa, her fathers carpentry skills and of course your special touches.

She will feel warm and loved every time she steps into that perfect room!

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