Writing a friendly letter poster

For example, a persuasive essay on "the greatest baseball hero of all time" or "why we need to be green" or even "why we need a longer lunch period" surely would use data to support the thesis. Write a friendly letter The letter can be to a real or imaginary audience, on a math topic of interest. Ask good questions worth communicating about, with multiple possible approaches. Make sure early activities are fairly easy and satisfying for all students.

Writing a friendly letter poster

These sound in one way like biographical sketches, and so they are. But there is a deeper dimension to them for us than simple chronology or the succession of dates and facts.

So these words today are about a life, and that life is the real message. The story is told that her father, Scott Clark, wanted to name her Joe Montana, after the star quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers football team.

Kat aced the tests for newborns that measured alertness and energy. But she also had spina bifida, and within days had surgery to relieve pressure on her brain.


She soon learned to walk, but used leg braces and crutches. Yet whatever her physical challenges, by the age of three, Kat was so articulate that, when asked to describe her best friend at pre-school, Kat named a child and said that while she liked her, the girl complained a lot about aches and pains: She also spoke many words in Spanish as well as English in those early years, and even began to learn sign language.

Her precocious mind and appealing personality soon made her something of a star. This public role was made the more exciting, at least for her parents, by the fact that they lived near Hollywood.

Thus for March of Dimes telethons and other events, Kat was brought together with glamorous celebrities from many fields. Her parents recall a moment at one event when Rafer Johnson, a black man who is well over six feet tall, scooped up Kat and held her close.

And when she finished Junior High, her parents managed to enroll her in an upscale Catholic girls prep school, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. Kat and her parents were not Catholics, so why the switch?

Social mobility is easy enough to guess; but Kat always wondered if her outside-the-lines early teen romances, one with a boy of color — another with a girl of Asian background — may have had some influence on their decision. In any event, at Flintridge Academy, where students wore a uniform featuring plaid skirts, Kat was again bright, but not necessarily tops in grades.

She was also increasingly questioning of religious orthodoxies, in this case various Catholic doctrines and mores.

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But she was not entirely a rebel: Kat turned to her mother and asked what kind of miracle she would ask for if she could. When she graduated from the academy, Kat headed about 25 miles east of Flintridge to Azusa Pacific University, an evangelical Protestant school with roots in the early Pentecostal movement.

writing a friendly letter poster

And if any of you seem to recall Azusa Pacific as the school that two years ago fired a longtime professor of philosophy and theology for coming out as transgender, you are recalling correctly. By this time Kat was well aware of being attracted to both men and women, but she was not asked about these experiences in her admissions process.

writing a friendly letter poster

Amid frequent and fervent altar calls to come forward for prayer and healing, Kat was brought onstage with her braces and crutches, had hands laid on her, and was later told, when her condition persisted, that she had not shown sufficient faith.

Difficult and even dangerous as these experiences were, there were compensations. Early in her third year, she met a student who had come to Azusa from North Carolina to study for the ministry, one Micah Royal. The story goes that on the Labor Day weekend in Septembera mutual friend invited each of them separately to join him in driving some distance to spend an evening in company with another young woman the driver was very interested in.

Micah was tabbed as the navigator for this trip. This he says was a bad idea on its face. And his directional shortcomings were compounded by the fact that he and Kat, once introduced, fell to talking nonstop and with much pleasure.

The short term effect of this was that they and their friend took the roads less travelled, and ended up far away from their intended destination.

The longer term effect was even more dramatic: Kat and Micah kept talking, and were together almost every day thereafter. By late that winter, they began planning to get married. This deed was accomplished on August 24,on a heat-swept mountaintop. II Soon Kat became pregnant, but suffered a miscarriage, and was told that future pregnancies would not be healthy.

The traumatic physical and emotional impact of this loss was very difficult for Kat, and she withdrew from classes at Azusa Pacific, as did Micah. They moved inland east of Los Angeles, where they soon came into contact with a Metropolitan Community Church congregation through a lesbian couple they had become friends with.From shopping compassionately to cooking delicious vegan meals for friends, acting to help animals is easy and fun!

Everyday Activism. Ditch the Yankees tee and sport an animal-friendly message instead! Use your trip to the store, the ball game, or anywhere else to proudly express pro-animal messages.

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